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4 Reasons Why Occupy Wall Street Will Continue to Spread (3146 hits)

(Originally published in The AfroBlog at The Black Man Survival Guide)

The protests on Wall Street have boon going on for 2 weeks now and instead of slowing down they are picking up steam. Millions are joining the movement by marching or spreading the word through social media.

Here are 4 reasons why #OccupyWallStreet will continue to garner support in America and around the world.

1. People have a lot of free time on their hands. Millions of people are unemployed and they have nothing to do. The job search is futile so people can either sit in the house and do nothing, or get out in the streets and raise hell. What better way to channel your frustration than to go protest? Unlike the riots of the 60’s, these protesters are not destroying their own neighborhoods. These protesters are demonstrating at the doorstep of their oppressor – the financial districts in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

2. The middle class has no other alternative. In a previous post we cited the age old ism: “When America catches a cold the black man gets pneumonia”. Today in America the vast middle class has moved past the “cold” stage and is on the way to the infirmary. The poor and chronically underemployed minority population is on its collective death bed. Persistent unemployment, destruction of wealth via the housing collapse, and the erosion of retirement due to the 2008 financial meltdown have left the poor and the middle class with no alternative but to fight back or die.

The greedy rich have made a classic overreach by squeezing too much money out of the middle class to line their own pockets. The average American family now is too desperate to just sit on the sideline. The Wall Street barons may falsely believe that the masses will get tired of protesting and go back to their boring middle class lives. The problem is that too many Americans don’t have the safe, boring middle class life to go back to.

- The family can no longer afford their annual vacation

- The retirement fund has been wiped out

- The kids can’t afford school anymore

- The babies are hungry

- The savings are gone

- The table and the cupboards are empty

Peaceful protest is the last non-violent way that the masses can try to improve their current condition. This is the last ditch effort to appeal to the sensibilities of the corporate slave master. The next step for the poor and the middle class is violent confrontation.

3. There are rich people who actually give a damn. The evil rich (think Koch Brothers, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan) believe that all the millionaires and billionaires are as greedy and power hungry as they are. Their strategy to line their pockets and destroy the middle class is based on maintaining solidarity of the rich who control the legislative process. If the rich stick together, the masses have no power. The problem with this strategy is that there are rich people who don’t believe in “me first, me only”. The ex-Google executive who spoke out at the recent Obama town hall meeting who said “please raise my taxes” has gotten the attention of other millionaires across the country. Michael Moore, Russell Simmons, Lupe Fiasco and other rich Americans are joining the protest and destroying the “class warfare” argument. People who came from nothing and became rich will continue to join the protest because they know poverty and success, AND they know right from wrong.

4. The world is watching. With the popularity of facebook, twitter and YouTube people know that well-run media campaigns can lead to worldwide exposure and change. Americans are taking a page from the masses in Egypt, Libya and other places across the globe and are staging their own revolution. Although not successful, the #TroyDavis campaign showed millions of urban youth that they too can participate in a social media-driven protest. The voiceless have learned how to cry out.

The protestors and the Americans they represent NEED change and they need it now. Wall Street is not the easy target, they are the RIGHT target. Wall Street has all the money and much of it gotten by tax breaks, loopholes, and swindling of the American People. The financial bailout saved their collective hide and now they have record profits – again. Even with these profits they continue to squeeze more (see “Bank of America to charge $5 month for use of debit card”). If they do not pay attention to the growing band of protesters now they may be forced to feel their wrath later.

I am not a broken record, but I will say it again –

The Revolution is coming. Do you know what side you’re on?
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Friday, September 30th 2011 at 7:28PM
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