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Books for African American Fathers (5207 hits)

Just published this article over at AfroDaddy.com and wanted to share it with you here. The article contains a list of books for young black fathers to help them from the early stages of pregnancy to the stage of raising teenagers. Fatherhood is tough and black men and we need to use all the resources we can. Too often we think that we have to do everything by ourselves or that there is no help available. Even worse we think that nobody understands and that nobody cares.

Anybody who has been a new father knows that it is the scariest of times even in the best of circumstances. When you have a few strikes against you (ex: unemployed, unmarried, etc.) it is easy to et overwhelmed and leave the situation. Don't leave. Seek help. Here are some books to show you that you are not alone and you can e a good father to your son or daughter even though you might be scared out of your mind.

You can find the rest of the list and read the full article with book summaries here: http://afrodaddy.com/for-the-daddies/10-great-books-black-fathers. Below are some of the recommended books.

Championship Fathering by Carey Casey

DadLabs (TM) Guide to Fatherhood by Clay Nichols

I am a Father by David Manuel

The Best Kept Secret: Single Black Fathers by Roberta L. Coles

God Has Smiled On Me: A Tribute to a Black Father Who Stayed and A Tribute to All Black Fathers Who Stay

The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being an Expectant Father by Joe Kelly

Successfully Raising Young Black Men, by Kevin D. Barnes, Sr.
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Friday, August 26th 2011 at 4:52PM
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Hello Mr. Darrell,

Books and nothing else will work for Black Americans. Our first desire is to become a sovereign people on a reasonable and fertile portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders to worship God, pursue life, liberty, happiness and prosperity in our own way.

Put the books on the back burners since all Black American men that does not desire to be sovereign free in a country of our own our children will grow up to be as ignorant as their fathers and you are.

For instance, Moses was not interested in pushing books on the children of Israel. Moses was interested in the sovereignty and salvation of the children of Israel as I am for Black Americans. When we become a sovereign people in my lifetime then we could turn our attention to these books you mention. But first let's put things in order of priority. Preach sovereignty to our people because it is going to happen, okay. Am I making any sense with you?

Tell me what you think.

Friday, August 26th 2011 at 5:33PM
Harry Watley
AWESOME!!! Thanks
Friday, August 26th 2011 at 6:52PM
Cynthia Merrill Artis
Me like, very good post!!!
Friday, August 26th 2011 at 9:33PM
Hello to All,

You cannot have it both ways. You could only have it one way. What I mean is that Black American men cannot raise their children in White America's country that they Black Americans themselves are inferior people. We are inferior as our ancestors were inferior people slaving on tobacco and cotton plantations for White Americans.
Do you all not think that it is about time desire to be a sovereign people? So, you cannot have it both ways. It is either our sovereignty or books that Black American fathers could raise their children. I certainly would choose sovereignty since I can write books in my sovereign state of being. Am I making any sense?

Black Americans are some very ignorant people since we do not clearly see reality and do not have the brains to make intelligent decisions.

For example, if Dr. King was intelligent as Moses and I am Dr. King would have desired to be sovereign rather than protest White Americans for civil rights. Dr. King did the best he could because he thought sovereignty was impossible. Becoming a sovereign people was never in the mind of Dr. King since he was not anointed as Moses and me.

Likewise, many of the Elders of the children of Israel did their best as well because they thought that the Exodus was impossible until the common of Moses. Am I making any sense?

Similarly, most of you ignorant Blacks believes that sovereignty is impossible so you turn your attention to second and third rated solutions and things such as raising your children in an environment that could never result in your children becoming a real people since you did not become a real person either even if you became a Supreme Court justice as Clarence Thomas did. The taste of being a sovereign people is indescribable especially to dumb slave minded Negroes. Am I making any sense?

I am the way, and besides me, there is no other way that Black Americans could ever become a real people in this world.

What say you?

Saturday, August 27th 2011 at 6:51AM
Harry Watley
Absolutely wonderful I hope many African Fathers will give these books some observation.
Great post!
Saturday, August 27th 2011 at 8:36AM
Thanks for the positive comments! I'm just here to help our people any way I can.
Saturday, August 27th 2011 at 7:53PM
Thanks Darrell. (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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