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How Herman Cain Disqualified Himself for the Presidency in 3:41 (3124 hits)

For those who don’t know, Herman Cain wants to be president. A former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza wants to run this country. I say great. This is America and anyone is willing to try, but if Cain wants to run for president and get the vote from normal, sane Americans he can’t give speeches where he make ignorant statements. Illogical assumptions, false bravado, and misplaced jokes only serve to completely undermine his credibility and make him unelectable for people who want some common sense in the White House. During a March speech to the Tea Party faithful in Florida, Cain managed to throw out these odd and ridiculous statements in less than 4 minutes.

· Cain stated that people who elected the first black man president made a mistake. Now they have a chance to elect him so they can be “batting .500”

· Cain also stated that the media is “afraid of him” because he actually knows the issues

· He said that the reason the media and the Democratic Party discredit Sarah Palin is because they are “afraid of” her. According to him democrats discredit Michelle Bachmann for the same reason. Never mind the idiotic things that come out of the mouths of these women. The media and democrats scrutinize them solely because they are scared of their power.

· Finally Cain made the outlandish statement that Barack Obama is scared to run against him because he is a “real black man”.

Herman Cain video: http://afrodaddy.com/The-AfroBlog/how-herman-cain-disqualified-himself-presidency-341

Cain, here is a little advice – no one is afraid of you. If you want the presidency you have to earn it with good campaigning and common sense proposals that Americans can agree with and rally behind. People don’t fear ignorant people, they pity them. Palin and Bachmann are to be pitied and not feared. As far as Obama being scared of a “real black man”; you can’t just talk, you have to back it up. Obama has stood up to the media, the radical Right, Osama bin Laden, racists, thugs, black scholars and the black elite. Before you make a crazy statement like that you need to give us one good reason why he would not be scared of all of them but he would be scared of the likes of you. Lastly, to say Obama is not a "real black man" like you is the kind of talk that will alienate millions of African Americans (and if I was Obama I might want to smack you in the eye). You may disagree with his policies , but to say you are the only real black man will not ingratiate you to African Americans and will certainly not make you the darling of White America. If there ever was a losing statement to make, that "real black man" crack was it.

I know it was only a 3:41 second video but it is amazing how much ignorance a man can display in such a short time. I don’t even need to hear your platform Mr. Cain. You lost my vote in those 3:41 seconds.
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Monday, May 23rd 2011 at 11:43AM
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i LIVE FOR TH EDAY TAHT hERMAN cAIN SHOWS him sitting at dinner in the homes of anyone runing for president...I will even settle for Limbuugh, Palin, Beck showing up at one of his rallies to help him prove how much he is accepted by his fellow right-wingers.


great post Darrell...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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