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Darrell Garrett has been a member of WeAreOne since Mar 16th, 2011. Darrell represents UC, Berkeley class of 1989 and is located in the Richmond, CA area. You can connect with Darrell Garrett and other interesting members of WeAreOne by signing up or logging in.
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We encourage participants to share their news and views, opinions and ideas, and keep each other posted on general happenings in the world. But this is best achieved when reasonable standards of decorous behavior are observed. We all benefit from frank and spirited discussions but, like all communities, jWe Are One can thrive only when participants treat each other with tolerance and respect. We Are One prohibits the use of its site for rude and anti-social behavior. Name-calling, ridicule, hate speech, and other ill-mannered or intimidating activities are prohibited.We Are One reserves the right to delete or edit postings, or block the comments of specific individuals deemed to be disruptive to the community.

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